Luzmira Zerpa 

A gifted singer-songwriter and healer, Luzmira received guidance from her father, a metaphysical and spiritual teacher. As a solo artist, she has garnered acclaim for her captivating performances, drawing from her extensive knowledge of syncretic traditions such as tamunangue. Luzmira’s training have entailed sessions in energy healing with Mexican curanderas (healers), which have honed her expertise in this domain. She specializes in creating traditional ceremonies that combine her love for music with her therapeutic abilities. With her commanding voice and her cuatro (four-stringed guitar), along with the accompaniment of her 15-year-old son, she navigates the rhythms of joropo, pasaje, and golpe larense in a sonic landscape inspired by the goddess of nature Maria Lionza.

Systema Solar 

Systema Solar is a collective of independent musicians and visual artists deeply immersed in the vibrant sonic world of Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Their mission is to craft unique audio-visual experiences, a concept they’ve coined ‘berbenautika’, where elements from the lively verbenas (street parties) of Barranquilla interlace within their distinctive style.

Inspired by the picó sound system culture, the group’s members come together to explore, reinterpret, and innovate across various musical genres through spontaneous improvisation. They infuse traditional Colombian Caribbean rhythms such as cumbia, bullerengue, porro, and champeta with influences from contemporary rhythms and cultural styles such as hip hop, house, techno, breakbeat, breakdance, turntablism, and live video performances, resulting in an auditory and visual approach that transcends conventional genre boundaries.

El Volcán 
Live Set

El Orgullo de Berlin [The pride of Berlin] is a crew that has been hosting Germany’s first and only picó night since 2017, drawing inspiration from the Colombian picó sound system culture. Their events take place in various venues across Berlin, each with its own unique atmosphere and PA systems. Commonly found in working-class neighbourhoods in Colombia, picós are robust sound systems that hold immense social and communal significance. Each picó is distinctive, with its own name and personality defined by its appearance and sound. Expect an unforgettable experience from avid record collectors, musical curators, and producers Arn4l2, Edna Martinez, DJ Nomad, along with live percussion from King Owusu aka Eric Owusu.