D: Ibrahim Shaddad, GDR, 1964, 41', German with English subtitles

Shot in the Spreewald forest, in an atmosphere reminiscent of Western films, Jagdpartie [Hunting Party] is a film about the hunt for a human, a Black man. Ibrahim Shaddad, who shot the film as his graduation project at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen der DDR (Film and Television Academy of the GDR) in Potsdam-Babelsberg, later founded the Sudanese Film Group with the aim of producing and screening films, and teaching film culture in Sudan. 

Abschied von grünen Träumen
D: Firas Al-Dehni, Germany, 1990, 31', German, Arabic with English subtitles

Abschied von Grünen Träumen [Farewell to Green Dreams] by Firas Al-Dehni, who also studied film in the GDR, is dedicated to the works and thoughts of the Syrian-German poet Adel Karasholi, who lived and worked in Leipzig since 1961. In the film, shot at the time of the fall of communism, Karasholi observes the increasing racism in his adopted home of Saxony critically and with concern.

Adeus RDA
D: Pedro Pimenta, Mozambique, 1991, 27', Portuguese with English subtitles

The little-known television documentary Adeus RDA [Goodbye, GDR] by Mozambican filmmaker Pedro Pimenta was commissioned by the British broadcaster Channel 4 and was filmed in Germany and Mozambique shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this film, former ‘contract workers’ from Mozambique look back on their time in the GDR and reflect on their everyday lives, their working conditions, and their relationship with East German society.