Expanding on the film If not now, when? directed by Anton Kats and presented in the exhibition As Though We Hid the Sun in a Sea of Stories, the public is invited to launch a subsequent vinyl record, afterlife, by musician and DJ ILYICH. The record is a musical journey through fantastical stories, soundscapes, and the pulse of a new beginning that conceives of the afterlife as that which unfolds in the present. 

The album afterlife responds to the military invasion of Ukraine with semi-fictional narratives, cinematic soundscapes, bass grooves and poems, string orchestras, and broken beats. afterlife is a practice of grieving and beginning anew, embracing life after the latest moment of personal and collective trauma.  

Accompanied by allied musicians of various genres, ILYICH embarks on this journey and explores its multidimensional map. The album invites the audience to join forces by listening, dancing, and redreaming a world after war.