2012, Fri, Aug 10

La Makina del Karibe

The Charm of the Champeta >>>> Open Air! <<<<

La Makina Del Karibe | &copy; Promo

La Makina Del Karibe | © Promo

They’ve declared their own sovereign state: in the Independent Republic of Gozambik and its capital Champetesburgo, Perenque power and Goza-Goza fun are guaranteed by the constitution. To make sure the constitution is upheld, Champeta music booms out of the lovingly designed sound systems, the Picós.

The West African guitar pop styles Highlife, Soukous and Makossa have been doing the rounds in Colombia on vinyl records. In Cartagena, they were blended with Afro-Colombian Bullerengue and Haitian Compas to form Champeta. But Champeta is about more than music and dance, it incorporates a colorful lifestyle and rebellious attitude – La Makina Del Karibe takes this culture to its logical conclusion in Bogotá. The Caribbean machine conquered Europe for the first time in 2011, raising the flag of Gozambik at summer festivals from Fusion to Roskilde.