Off the beaten tracks

with Anne Kahn, Pyranja, Sookee, Quio, Amewu (all from Berlin)

Sat, Nov 12, 2011
4.30 pm
Free admission

Moving beyond the common clichés, mainstream Rap and the classic “two turntables and a microphone” arrangements, the festival presents thematic and stylistic proponents of crossover Hip Hop.

Since its beginnings, Hip Hop has been through a range of translations and transformations and repeatedly reinvented itself. “Off the beaten tracks” examines some examples of these productive wanderings and asks questions about Hip Hop avant-garde, counter-movements, stylistic crossovers and sub-genres.

Host: Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt


Amewu was born in Berlin in 1983. He had his first contact with hip hop at school and soon began free-styling and writing lyrics with his friends. One important source of inspiration was his association with the west coast underground, including artists such as "Living Legends" or "Project Blowed".

Anne Khan sings with the band “A.M.T.“ and is co founder of the label “BRD BA$$$ Records“. She writes screenplays and works as a freelance writer for a number of magazines.

The host, rapper and Djane Pyranja founded “Pyranja Records“, which was to become the musical home for all her subsequent projects.

Quio is a crossover musician and rapper. She lives and works in Berlin.

Johannes Salim Ismaiel-Wendt has produced writings, compositions, teachings and sound lectures on the aesthetics of electronic music. He is co-author of the “Translating Hip Hop” concept.

In addition to performing her music, the Rapper Sookee gives lectures on various topics, including (hetero-)sexism in Hip Hop and examines the subversive and progressive potential of sub-cultures.