2011, Sat, Jul 02 — 2011, Mon, Oct 31

Labor Berlin 6: Pia Lindman

Poison and Play

Pia Lindman | Oxid Bungalow | Photo: Svea Heinemann

Pia Lindman | Oxid Bungalow | Photo: Svea Heinemann

The works of the Finnish artist Pia Lindman open up unusual perspectives. In the tradition of minimal performance and social sculpture, Lindman combines artistic, social and scientific research into a lively and variable art requiring the participation of the viewer.

As part of Labor Berlin, Pia Lindman will show “Poison and Play”, a work in progress that deals with the poisoning and detoxification of the body, mind and environment. Her point of departure is the question of how the modern human being behaves in the face of daily exposure to a wide range of toxins. Her pursuit of answers takes her into the spheres of biochemistry, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy. In the search for “detoxification”, Lindman creates performances and workshops that offer visitors Finnish peat baths, treatments of the body, "lazy climbing" in the trees around HKW, and the experience of a hammock inspired by Paul Klees coulor model from 1922.

Lindman takes the “laboratory” in the title Labor Berlin literally: In its first phase, “Poison and Play” is conceived as an experimental space (July 2 – Aug. 3); in its second phase, it will be hosted by the festival ÜBER LEBENSKUNST (Aug. 17-21); in its final phase, it will return to the project space of the HKW to present the results of the preceding weeks (Sept. 6 – Oct. 31).

Pia Lindman was born in 1965 in Espoo, Finland. Her works have appeared in numerous exhibitions, including MoMA and PS 1 in New York, and in Mexico, Finland and Britain. Since her stay at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in 2008/2009, she has divided her time between Berlin and Finland.

Information and registration at: poisonandplay.blogspot.com

The artist thanks:

Svea Heinemann, architect

Freja Bäckman, artist

Mira O'Brian, artist

Marina Kronkvist, artist/ movement therapist

Katja Echterbecker, acrobat

Alfred Mägerl, physiotherapist

Kari Antonsen, healer

April Gertler, photographer

Elisabeth Meyer-Renschhausen, sociologist/ urban garden activist

Heimo Lattner, artist

Curators of Stay Hungry exhibition at Gleisdreieck Schrebergarten:

Theo Ligthart

Anna Redeker

Chairman of the Gleisdreieck Schrebergarten Cooperation:

Klaus Trappmann

Owner of allotment 9 at Gleisdreieck Schrebergarten:

Sonia Alban-Zapata

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Labor Berlin 6is supported by ÜBER LEBENSKUNST