2011, Tue, Apr 05

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The focus of the symposium 'Green Design 2.0 Learning from Nature' is on the question of whether and how sustainable design strategies may be generated by natural means. The topics include the methodology and content of bionic research and the observation of nature as a model.

Invited guests include researchers, technological experts and designers from various areas of bionics and ecological design. The theoretical introduction is rounded off with case studies on the various topics by designers. During the course of evolution, nature has formed its own logic of optimal design and functionality, and has continuously developed and improved its systems. Nature and its organically-developed principles of organization serve as a model for many designers’ work and methodology. Nature can also serve as a prime example of the efficient use of material and energy. Its self-organizing and self-sustaining principles, its polymorphic and symbiotic eco-systems and mechanisms can be applied in new materials, systems or biomimetic designs.

With this symposium, GREENLAB is launching another semester of intensive research and work on the subject of sustainability and “Learning from Nature”. As in 2010, the symposium will be followed up with interdisciplinary semester projects in the various design fields of the Kunsthochschule. The one-day symposium ‘Green Design 2.0 Learning from Nature’ takes place on Tuesday, 5 April in two blocks, from 10 - 13.30h and 14.30 - 18.30h in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. The lectures will be in German and English. Click here for the lecture program and all other relevant information:

In cooperation with Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin IDZ

Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin

An event organized by the Greenlab of Kunsthochschule Weißensee in as part of the series “SPOT ON: FASHION”