2010, Fri, Aug 06

Btownbusted feat. Johnny Strange [Culcha-Candela] (D)


Btownbusted | © Lilli Kuschel

Btownbusted | © Lilli Kuschel

Berlin-Kampala-Connection: Berlin, the ruined city, is home to the big Dance Hall Band Culcha Candela and its front man. The band’s co-founder and singer also has a second home: Uganda, the land on the upper reaches of the Nile, where his parents were born and his family resides. It is also wthe place where John Magiriba Lwnga aka Johnny Strange sponsors school projects.

For WASSERMUSIK Btownbusted pays homage to the Nile. Along with the singer Sol and her voluminous voice, Johnny Strange creates an entirely unique mix of ragga, reggae, jazz, breaks and funky guitars.

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