2008, Sun, Jul 20

An Ocean Family Sunday



On 20 July, access to the House of World Cultures will be via John-Foster-Dulles-Allee, Bellevue, only. The No. 100 Bus will be taking a different route from normal, and will not be stopping at the HWC.

14 h

Firkat al Bahrain

The pearl fishers’ ensemble in concert and in discussion – song and percussion.

15-20 h


The rather different family sunday – Open-air chill-out from the Radio Eins-Oceanclub.

with Daniel Meteo – Jasmina Machina – Gudrun Gut – Chica and the Folder – Mermaid Jaculine – and Thomas Fehlmann at the turntables.

Oceanclubradio: every Friday from 11 - 1 on Radio Eins www.oceanclub.de

19 h

Water Radio #2 : Songs about Water

The Radio-Workshop Team broadcasts live – Presentating the new shanties from the music and text workshop.