2019, Sat, Sep 14

Trans* Opera

With Mavi Veloso feat. Dynno Dada, Sanni Est and Tina Escarlatina

Trans Opera | © Thijs Adriaans

Trans Opera | © Thijs Adriaans

In the architecture of the HKW, the Trans* Opera presents personal experiences of rejection and despair, but also the curiosity and creativity of the performers and their non-binary and trans* bodies. The performance explores colonized bodies as well as vocal and performative practices of people who switch between gender identities.

My body and voice are all that I have. It's inside my guts as I am to you. If you want it too, if you are to me as I am to you. We'll head up ahead joining forces to move. I look for my peers, all different girls complementing tones, fortifying pitch, multifying voices and colors to queer. I want to build bridges, collections of thoughts, travestis empowered, libidos and more. Reincarnating our goddesses, those ones who've been gone, almost all killed cold blooded by ignorant man kind. We're hybrid and witches, we chanting our songs with our bitches ancestors, travesties empowered. An army of shouts, the guns will be us, all mermaids, all girls, while swaying our tails. Attacking the norms, transitioning words, putting spells to transform, confusing the sound.
- Excerpt of the Trans* Opera

Mavi Veloso feat. Dynno Dada, Sanni Est & Tina Escarlatina

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