Mar 20–Oct 31, 2012


We bet that, together, the staff of the HKW can cycle once around the globe: 40,075 km - albeit in more than 80 days. The bicycle bet began on 20 March and comes to an end on 31 October.
Mileage on October 31: 47.019 km!!!

Once again, the bicycle proves its worth as the ideal mode of transport for everyday inner city life. In addition to a Call-A-Bike station, new, wheel-friendly bicycle stands and a huge range of bike-related products from all over the world, a wager marks the start of the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Radoffensive (bike offensive).

A workshop was hold to design the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Cape for cycling in the rain, a cape that takes into account all the requirements of the modern cyclist.

On a Sunday afternoon, the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Radoffensive action day had a range of bike-related activities for the whole cycling family on the roof terrace of the HKW: visitors can have their bikes checked, engraved, get to know the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Cape, admire the breakneck skills of bicycle acrobats and young BMX champions, generate electricity by pedaling or manufacture portable lamps from old bicycles.

New at the HKW: the Call-A-Bike station. For more information and all Call-A-Bike locations...

To find the best way to get to HKW by bicycle, visit . You can also find, create or share routes on .