19. Rencontres Internationales Berlin/Madrid/Paris

Emergent Film and Contemporary Art
2009, Jun 30, Tue — 2009, Jul 05, Sun

The goal of Rencontres Internationales is to reveal the peculiarities and convergences of artistic practice between cinema and contemporary art, while pointing out new trends and tendencies that have emerged as a result of the shrinking boundaries between the media arts.

Film, video, Internet art, and multimedia concerts are part of this extraordinary program presented in Berlin at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in Paris at the Pompidou Center and the Musée National du Jeu de Paume, in Madrid at the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia and Filmoteca Española, as well as other venues in the three cities on three dates during the year. From June 30 to July 5, the festival’s directors, Nathalie Hénon and Jean-François Retting, will present a worldwide program with more than two hundred events from Germany, France, Spain, and some sixty other countries, and, as in previous years, they will introduce artists from all generations and sectors of the media in new and unusual constellations.

The Nineteenth Rencontres Internationales is produced by roARaTorio, Paris. www.art-action.org