BildungsLab* “Alternatives from the Teaching Machine”

The BildungsLab* will accompany the Schools of Tomorrow project as a critical debating space until 2018. Academics of color and with immigration experience from the fields of education and (art) mediation will open a discourse on issues of heterogeneity and marginalization in educational institutions, which is too often held in the same homogeneous spaces. Inspired by Gayatri Spivak’s idea of education as an “uncoercive re-arrangement of desire” and including the experiences of immigration, discrimination, racism, classism and sexism, the aim is to encourage utopian designs for schools and educational practices. How can schools be transformed into places that are not only open to all, but in which education also seems desirable? What learning desires can be aroused, what moments of resistance can be articulated? Findings from the workshops at the kick-off conference, the ideas competition for students and the school projects were the starting points for the conceptual development of utopian strategies that could set the “teaching machine” in motion.

Concept: María do Mar Castro Varela and Alisha Heinemann, BildungsLab* (in German)

A collaboration between the HKW, Alice Salomon Hochschule and the University of Vienna