Th participants of the IN TRANSIT 06 Lab

Alejandro Ahmed Artistic director of Cena 11 Companhia de Dança Florianopolis/Brazil.

Johannes Birringer Chair in Drama- and Performance-Technologies, School of Arts, Brunel University London.

Fabiana Dultra Britto Dance critic, coordinates the project Skinnerbox of Cena 11 together with Alejandro Ahmed.

DJ Dolores One of the main protagonists of Mangue Beat, the 'beat of the marshes' Recife, Brazil.

Hamilton Faria Sociologist and professor at the University of Plastic Arts, FAAP, São Paulo.

Gilberto Gil Minister of Culture of Brazil, one of the central protagonists of the Música Popular Brasileira.

Ricardo Muniz Fernandes Sociologist, cultural critic and curator, artistic advisor for In Transit 06 in Brazil.

Daniel Haaksman DJ, producer and music journalist, runs his own label Man Recordings in Berlin.

Volker Hassemer Cultural Politician and Manager, former Berlin Senator for Urban Development and then for Culture, afterwards first director of Partner für Berlin, a PR company for the German capital.

Jyotindra Jain Professor at the School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

Luiz Costa Professor for Comparative Studies at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

Lin Hwai-min Founder and artistic director Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan.

Sarat Maharaj Professor for Art history and Art Theory, Goldsmith College, University of London.

Ayoko Mensah French-Togolese cultural journalist, editor-in-chief of French cultural magazine Africultures.

Danilo Santos de Miranda Director of the Brazilian non-profit cultural institution SESC [Serviço Social de Comércio], São Paulo.

Jayachandran Palazhy Choreographer and artistic director for Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India.

Cristiane Paoli Quito Artistic director of Cia. Nova Dança 4, São Paulo.

Frank Raddatz Member of the Board of the Cultural Identity and Development Committee/ UNESCO, former Dramaturge in Hanover, Cologne, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf.

Lia Rodrigues Founder and director of her own company in Rio de Janeiro in 1990, initiated the contemporary dance festival Panorama Rio Arte de Dança.

Joachim Schlömer Performer, choreographer, director, explores in his forthcoming work in India and Berlin the mixing of realpolitical and mythological topics.

Hooman Sharifi Choreographer, founder of the Impure Company in Norway in 2000.

Jonathan Shay Psychiatrist for the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, Boston and author of Achilles in Vietnam. Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character.

Graham Smith Dancer and choreographer, cooperates with Joachim Schlömer in various projects.

Hamed Taheri Iranian director and performer, currently creates a music-theatre project for the New Music Festival, Stuttgart.

Nelson Triunfo Founder of the bands Soul Brothers and Funk & Co in the 70s, known today as one of the legends of the Brazilian Hip Hop-Scene.