Jun 12–Jul 9, 2006

Post Cinema Novo

The Best Films of the New Millennium


Just as the Ginga raises mastery of the ball to an art form, so too Brazil’s filmmakers display a unique virtuosity: This film series presents the most noteworthy Brazilian film and television productions of recent years, supplemented with classics of Cinema Novo, which have lost none of their power to this day.

As far as feature films are concerned, the "Retomade", the revival of the local film tradition has made an incredible impact. These films are characterised by a plurality of styles, themes, means of production and locations. The days are past when only a few currents dominated everything: such as the "chanchadas", the commercial film junk, and the Cinema Novo of the early 1960s. Instead, the spectrum now ranges from blockbusters to "sem-Globo" films. The latter are produced outside the sphere of influence of the all-powerful Globo media group and are shown in only a few cinemas.

Brazil also has a very big TV industry. Alongside the producers of the omnipresent telenovelas, a number of independent production companies have also gained ground during the past few years. Their high-quality programmes are shown by public and pay-TV broadcasting stations.

The film series, with its approximately 20 cinema and a few exemplary TV films, shows that the "Ginga" (which refers to rapid and unexpected head movements as well as the creativity of Brazilian footballers) can also be found in Brazil’s audio-visual productions, and in the ability to express oneself in a creative and unusual manner.

Curator of the film programme: Marcelo Cjueiro.