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Conditions of participation

Conditions of participation (...)
Conditions of participation

Robert Behrendt

he coordinated the Berlin jugendFORUM and campaigned for the participation concerns of young people

Podcast: On Music

Solidarity and participation in the club scene, the activist potential of sounds and their

Stella Veciana

transformation to a sustainable society. She works for Forschungswende, a German public participation platform on

Center for Urban Pedagogy

how these systems work is the first step to more meaningful and more diverse community participation

Contributors: Wendelien van Oldenborgh

participation in The Jerusalem Show of the Palestine Biennial East Jerusalem (2016), at the 2nd Biennale of

Participatory Governance

participation, commitment, interest, and active involvement is rare. Who participates and who delegates

Public Knowledge

values and participation? This dialogue aimed to discuss the framing conditions of knowledge organization

Natalie Jeremijenko

, and engineering. In her public experiments she focuses on structures of participation in the

Alisha M. B. Heinemann

advanced education participation amongst German women with a so-called migration background and is

Anna Zosik

. Her work focuses on participation processes in artistic and cultural educational practice, critical

Playful Learning Center lab

, experimented and tested. An important part of their research is children’s participation in the process of co

Zukunftsakademie NRW e. V.

-existence can be shaped and fair participation enabled against the backdrop of a complex variety of

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River: Anthropocene River School

active worldwide participation in the project. Lectures, discussions and working groups are streamed live

New Alphabet School: How can I participate?

and question the body as an archive. Participation of all public events is possible without previous

Public program

such as artistic research, participation, political and digital self-empowerment and diversity

Catherine Burke

education, histories of networks in educational innovation, visual methodologies in the participation of

Online Project Environment

. This virtual space will not only facilitate remote participation in the live program, but will also

New Alphabet School: #Commonings

inside an institution and carve space for informal, convivial, horizontal modes of participation within

Publication: Staat 1–4

democratic processes and participation? And how does the economic elite influence world politics? One hundred