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Fri 1.10.2021
8:30 pm

History and Representation: History in Motion

Archive of Refuge
Frevert and Mirjam Zadoff and migration researcher Jochen Oltmer discuss historical condensations

Opening Days: Archive of Refuge

discuss what their possible futures might look like.

Thu 7.10.2021
7 pm–12 midnight

Assembling a Black Counter Culture

Talk, panel, concert, DJ set
On Music
“, he will discuss the Detroit-Berlin axis with Lerato Khathi aka Lakuti of Uzuri Recordings and Mark

Education Shock: Conference

institutions of education, architecture and science as such. The conference will discuss the spatial and

Tue 24.08.2021
6 pm

Miss Read: Book Launch

Book Launch, Readings
editors of Decolonizing Art Book Fairs will discuss the current state of affairs in the field of art and

Wed 15.09.2021
8 pm

Sex work’n’roll

Illiberal Arts
time be shaped by them? Three (cis & trans) women gather around a table to discuss of urban spaces, art (...)
at the same time be shaped by them? Three (cis & trans) women gather around a table to discuss...

Contributors: Alex Taek-Gwang Lee

in South Korea and beyond. In a quest to discuss today’s continued importance of communist principles

Thu 2.09.2021
1 pm–6:30 pm

#Transmitting: Workshops

New Alphabet School
the present political barriers? In order to further discuss different modes of transmitting longing

Fri 3.09.2021
12 pm–8 pm

#Transmitting: Workshops

New Alphabet School
discourse, art, empathy or solidarity. Through three online sessions, this workshop will seek to discuss

Archive of Refuge: Curatorial Statement

, activists and project participants will discuss the necessities of a pluralistic understanding of society in

Wed 1.09.2021
6:30 pm–10 pm


Readings, lectures
New Alphabet School
of the New Alphabet School, 28 magazine will attempt not only to think and discuss through

Podcast: Whose Universal? | The White West

the conference and other experts to discuss the overlaps between metaphysical predicates and colonial

Mon 28.06.2021
8:30 pm

What Do You Want to Unload?

Reading, film screenings
Potosí Principle – Archive
female Ekeka. In a “beauty contest,” they discuss – represented by indigenous women traders – What do you (...)
figure as the female Ekeka. In a “beauty contest,” they discuss – represented by


Diplomacy Film program, talks, lectures Saving Bruce Lee will discuss the legacy of Soviet filmmaking on the

Wed 7.07.2021
10 am–1 pm

#Survivance: Workshop

New Alphabet School
discuss their personal and historical struggles, stories, s/heroes, places and memories and investigate

Sun 27.06.2021
3 pm

Plattenbau und Polytechnik. Emanzipatorische Momente realsozialistischer Schulgestaltung

Education Shock
studies offer an opportunity to discuss these topics, which are again highly topical today. Audience

Thu 24.06.2021
6 pm


Online program: Lectures
New Alphabet School
-local practices of solidarity and discuss a shift of emphasis from the metaphysical foundations of

Podcast: Politics of the Dance Floor | On Music

Asanuma, Lakuti and Jay Jay Revlon about solidarity. They discuss participation, the advantages and

Conference: Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne

for the “workshop” in which the Bilderatlas Mnemosyne took shape? Scientists and curators discuss the

Fri 25.06.2021

#Instituting: Workshops & Public Program

New Alphabet School
discuss possibilities to institute counter-institutional modes of study with an extended group of