2014, Sat, Feb 22

How to Narrate War? Web 2.0

Majeda al-Saqqa, Bente Scheller, Carolin Emcke

On the significance of Web 2.0: What does it mean when professional journalists lose their interpretive monopoly as observers of war? How are the new media used by warring parties themselves?

Panel discussion with Majeda al-Saqqa, Bente Scheller and Carolin Emcke

Majeda al-Saqqa is an author and blogger from the Gaza Strip. She is a member of the Cultural and Free Thought Association in Khan Yunis.

Bente Scheller is the head of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Beirut. She holds a doctorate in political science and is an expert on Foreign and Security Policy. She worked from 2002 to 2004 at the German Embassy in Damascus. From 2008 - 2012 she directed the Office of hbs Afghanistan in Kabul. Recently her book The Wisdom of Syria's Waiting Game. Foreign Policy under the Assad has been published in London.