2014, Fri, Feb 21 and 2014, Sat, Feb 22

How to Narrate War? Images and Counter-images

Marcel Mettelsiefen, Peter Geimer

Postponed to Sat, Feb 22, 3 pm

On hermeneutic, moral, and psychological challenges of war reporting, and the role of the relationship between aesthetics and phenomenology.

Talk with Marcel Mettelsiefen and Peter Geimer

Peter Geimer is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at the Free University of Berlin. Geimer’s research interests include the theory and history of photography, the art and cultural history of the thing (relics, remains) and the visual representability of history.

Marcel Mettelsiefen is a freelance photographer. Since 2001, he has worked as a photographer in crisis zones. He has covered the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti for AP and dpa, and has worked from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan for stern, Der Spiegel and Geo.