2014, Thu, Feb 20

Narrating War - Opening

Narrating War | Objects, Kosovo, 1999 | © Sebastian Bolesch

Narrating War | Objects, Kosovo, 1999 | © Sebastian Bolesch

With the curators Carolin Emcke (curator, war reporter and author), Valentin Groebner (curator, historian) and Bernd M. Scherer (director HKW)

Carolin Emcke is a philosopher and journalist. For over 13 years, she has explored questions of war and violence, especially the relationship between war and speechlessness. She reports as a professional observer and writer on and from areas of war and conflict.

Valentin Groebner is Professor of History at the University of Lucerne with main focuses on the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. His book Ungestalten deals in detail with images of extreme violence in media coverage at the beginning of the 21st century. He is also interested in the connections and interrelations between media coverage and academic research.