2013, Fri, Nov 15

The City, Religion and Postcolonialism I

with Jennifer Robinson, Birgit Meyer, Stephan Lanz, Kathrin Wildner, Jochen Becker, Katrin Klingan

How can the world’s metropolises and their religious practices be set in relation to one another? Talks and presentations will show how postcolonially-inspired approaches can be taken to overcome blind spots in conventional urban theory.

Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City

A Discussion on GLOBAL PRAYERS with Birgit Meyer (anthropologist, Utrecht) and the project team: Stephan Lanz (urban researcher, Berlin), Kathrin Wildner (urban ethnologist, Berlin), Jochen Becker (curator, Berlin), Katrin Klingan (curator, Berlin); including Book Presentation

Theorizing Cities Now: Putting Comparison to Work for Global Urban Studies

Keynote by Jennifer Robinson (urban researcher, London)