2013, Fri, Sep 27 — 2013, Tue, Oct 01

The Art of Banishing Boredom

C/O Berlin Junior/Teens goes HKW

© C/O Berlin

© C/O Berlin

Traffic lights and street signs to clocks, crosswalks, graffiti, stickers, and posters—the city is full of of signs and symbols. And sometimes, the closer you look, the more you discover elements of the urban landscape that—with a little humor and imagination—begin to look like faces, animals, or fantasy creatures. Berlin offers a bounty of visual material that, with just a few simple filmmaking tricks, can be set in motion to create amazing new contexts for the city and its various elements. In this workshop, the participants will experiment in a playful way with capturing the iconography of the city and bringing it to wild and wacky life in short animated films. And with that, every trace of urban boredom will be banished.

After an introduction to stop-motion animation by filmmaker Stephan Müller, the young participants in the workshop will fan out across the city in search of urban elements that they can use and transform them into living, moving things through the use of stencils, stuck-on eyes, and other cardboard elements. These tiny manipulations of visual composition can distort and transform things in surprising and very amusing ways. Over the course of the workshop, the young participants will learn to experience their familiar surroundings with greater openness, to train their eyes for subtle details, and thus to engage with the city in a more conscious way. At the end of the workshop, they will have produced their own first animation clip.

Stephan Müller (b. 1981 in Berlin) studied visual communication at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg and has produced a number of short animated films that have been shown at international film festivals. Frauke Menzinger is a freelance stage and costume designer and lives in Berlin. She has been in charge of the Teens and Junior Workshops at C/O Berlin since 2009.

Team Stephan Müller, Frauke Menzinger
14 to 17 years
Contact Frauke Menzinger . Phone 030.28 44 41 60 .

Participation fee 50 Euro . Reduced fee possible . incl. lunch