2013, Sat, Sep 14 — 2013, Sun, Sep 15

High and low angle shot

C/O Berlin Junior/Teens goes HKW

© C/O Berlin

© C/O Berlin

Over 80 years ago, photographers including Herbert Bayer and Otto Umbehr, known as Umbo, explored unusual perspectives through the use of unexpected framings, often turning the world on its head in the process. Their multifaceted experiments and visual strategies in the medium of photography gave rise to the movement known as the “New Vision,” which transformed buildings, people, and everyday things into abstract objects and influenced later generations of photographers including Andreas Gursky.

In the first part of the workshop, the participants will look at selected works by photographers of the “New Objectivity,” study their theoretical approaches, and analyze their methods. Equipped with this knowledge, and with cameras in hand, they will explore the House of World Cultures and its surroundings in search of interesting situations and details. They will capture these from a dizzying range of perspectives – sometimes from up close, from underneath, at a distance, or obliquely from the side. At the end of the workshop, the young discoverers will be able to take their photographic findings home with them.

Film director Katja Berls and art historian Greta Kühnast share their enthusiasm for photography. In their workshops for children and teenagers, they place as much importance on the history and theory of photography as they do on practical photographic work.

Team Greta Kühnast, Katja Berls
14 to 17 years
Contact Frauke Menzinger . Phone 030.28 44 41 60 .

Participation fee 40 Euro . Reduced price possible . incl. snack