Colombian Dark Tropical

Duo Chúpame El Dedo

Sun, Oct 27, 2013
8 pm
Admission: Evening ticket 10/8€
Duo Chúpame El Dedo, © Catalina Villamizar

Following his celebrated performance with the Meridian Brothers at the last WASSERMUSIK festival, composer, guitarist and singer Eblis Álvarez returns to HKW.

With Pedro Ojeda, his partner in crime in the avant-cumbia trio Los Piraňas, he devotes himself exclusively to the dark sides of this Colombian musical form that is too often misapprehended as “perpetually sunny.” Armed with guitar, electronics, humor and compositional cunning, the two close in on what is probably the darkest of all musical genres: death metal. The imperative Chúpame El Dedo sets the course.