2013, Sat, Oct 26

Martial Hauntologies / Unsound Histories

AUDINT (Toby Heys & Steve Goodman)



AUDiNT is a research cell that investigates how sonic, ultrasonic, and infrasonic frequencies are used to mark off territory and, in military as well as civilian contexts, to induce unbearable psychological and physical states or even alter buildings.

Here at Böse Musik, AUDiNT will give a multimedia presentation of its history, going back to 1945 and its founding by members of the Ghost Army. The live composition will transform the whispered and the “un-sound” into an audible journey, joining the underground sound of the Large Hadron Collider with the vaults of the Bank of Hell, and tracing the evolution of the Wandering Soul Tapes of the Vietnam Psychological Operations (PSYOP) into the viral dynamics of the online specterware IREX².