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2013, Sat, Oct 26

Blut muss fließen (Blood must flow)

D: Peter Ohlendorf

"Blut muss fließen" (film still) | © FilmFaktum

Germany 2012, 87 min, German OV

They call themselves Freikorps, Störkraft, Werwolf or Kraft durch Froide. For six years, the journalist Thomas Kuban documented the concerts of notorious Nazi bands with a hidden camera. Made at risk to his life and at his own expense, in collaboration with director Peter Ohlendorf, the resulting film shows a lawless space full of hate speech and anti-Semitism, complete with Nazi merchandising and the Hitler salute. The music and the shared conspiratorial experience work as a gateway drug to this scene. This is a highly charged document, whose courage and topicality were rewarded neither with film subsidies nor, for years, with a public television engagement.