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2013, Fri, Oct 25

The Blues Wakadolo feat. Bourelly Wah.

Bourelly is seen as one of the most innovative guitarist in Europe today. Wakadolo is centered around the idea of channeling the voodoo energy and spirits of his family roots with boogaloo grooves from his childhood growing up in Chicago.

The group functions under an improvisational ideal of what Bourelly has termed the "jazz Impulse". Wakadolo uses rock, blues polyrhythms and repetition to conjure up a unique hypnotic sonic space . Appearing as Bourelly Wah, Bourelly reflects several self created deities that act as inspiration for channeling a spiritual journey of a given concert.
Drummer Marlon Browden counter balances Bourelly with Voodoo Rock beats that frame Wakadolo's forceful, sensuous and often times levitating excursions.
Volkan T. brings a vast experience with beat music through his connection to the Turkish Hip Hop scene as well as delving in Heavy Metal with Turkish roots.