2013, Fri, Oct 25

Böse Schwingungen – Mean Oscillations

With Silke Wenzel, Julia Meier, Anke Eckardt, Ralf Hoyer, Moderation: Holger Schulze

Can sound waves be a sin? There are sounds that are frowned upon in a given culture, or even banned – but what makes a vibration, a rhythm or the sound of an instrument intolerable, immoral or criminal? And is their condemnation a culturally specific expression of power and politics, or is there truly a universally antisocial organization of sounds? What would happen if tones were unleashed? Do we have to learn to live with sounds to which we have an aversion?

Silke Wenzel (musicologist, Hamburg)

Anke Eckardt (sound and media artist, Berlin)

Ralf Hoyer (composer, Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik)

Julia Meier (media scientist, Hannover)

Moderation: Holger Schulze (professor Sound Studies Lab HU Berlin)