2013, Wed, Jul 17

The Invisible Continent

Curated by Aurélie Maurin and Jan Valk

The Pacific is an invisible continent, a space of water and projections, an old destination of desire and a new metaphor of geopolitical struggle. To understand it, one must traverse it. This is an exploratory voyage with an international crew.

Mi 17.7. 19h (Ketten-)Gespräche


How does one grasp a gigantic and disparate space which eludes any unifying approach? By setting it in motion. This event will take up the currents that shift, alter, and construct the “New Pacific.” A multimedia expedition with representatives from the most diverse fields, from poetry to design to marine biology, and composed as a “conversation chain” allowing discourses to flow playfully into one another.

With Axel Hein (WWW-marine expert, Vienna), Dorothea Rosa Herliany (poet, Indonesia), Pablo Ientile (Illustrator and grafic designer, Argentinia/Berlin) Martin Jankowski (author and literary mediator, Berlin), Pablo Ientile (illustrator and graphic designer, Argentina/Berlin), Juliana Spahr (author, California), Reina Whaitiri (literary scholar, New Zealand), Rob Wilson (cultural theorist, Hawaii)

Simultanous translation German/English

Admission: 5 €/3 €

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