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2013, Tue, Jul 16

The Invisible Continent

Curated by Aurélie Maurin and Jan Valk

The Pacific is an invisible continent, a space of water and projections, an old destination of desire and a new metaphor of geopolitical struggle. To understand it, one must traverse it. This is an exploratory voyage with an international crew.

Di 16.7. 19.30 h Re-Readings und Reflexionen


Who does Samoa belong to? The evening is dedicated to the exploration of the "Pearl of the South Seas" as the venue of a battle for imaginational sovereignty. Samoan author Albert Wendt, the most prominent representative of Oceanic literature, will be confronted with the writings of the originator of all German clichés of the South Pacific, the dandy, globetrotter, and colonial politician Otto E. Ehlers (†1895) – presented by Axel von Ernst, the publisher who rediscovered him. With the colonial researcher Hermann Hiery, he will discuss historical conquest, literary projections, and the potential for a Pacific identity transcending all foreign occupation.

Moderated by: Barbara Wahlster (Deutschlandradio Kultur)

Simultanous translation German/English

Admission: 5 €/3 €

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