2013, Thu, Jul 18

Y tu Mamá También (Lust for Life)

D: Alfonso Cuarón

Y tu Mamá También

Y tu Mamá También

Mexico 2001, 106 min, English subtitles

The film goes straight into action. The threesome begins with an attempt by Julio (Gael García Bernal) and Tenoch to impress the older Julia. On the drive to a beach of purportedly heavenly beauty, talk of life, hopes, and disappointments is followed by a series of reciprocal seductions and confessions. Who’s having sex with whom and has slept with whom before …y tu mamá también? But the outing ends in disillusionment. Not until years later is there a reunion – and a tragic revelation... What at first glance appears to be a teen comedy turns out to be a sarcastic depiction of everyday life in contemporary Mexico.

30 international distinctions, and nomination for Golden Globe, Oscar and Best Foreign Language Film.