2013, Sat, Aug 03

Robert Forster

Dandy of the tones in between

Robert Forster | © Andy Gotts

Robert Forster | © Andy Gotts

The Go-Betweens are the pride of Australia. It was not by coincidence that a bridge newly built over the Brisbane River was christened Go Between Bridge – so named to honor the band headed by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan. The history of The Go-Betweens, spanning sixteen albums and almost three decades, ended with McLennan’s tragic death in 2006. Since then, Forster, the dandy and guitarist of the band, has carried the weighty legacy alone, as a musician as well as a journalist, and has consistently lived up to the high standard he has set for himself. He recently published the book The Ten Rules of Rock and Roll, the last of which says that rock and roll’s purest form of expression is the trio. At Wassermusik, this will comprise Michael Mühlhaus (keyboards and bass), Ramin Bijan (guitar, bass) and Robert Kretschmar (drums).

Robert Forster is following the concert by Noughts & Exes (7 p.m.)