2013, Fri, Jul 19


Afro-Peruvian innovations

Novalima | © Mozuk Nolte

Novalima | © Mozuk Nolte

“Machete, Machete, Machete” – the lurking, reptile-like texmex dub in Robert Rodriguez’s Mexploitation film Machete, has become their calling card. After having made acid rock and hardcore music together since their school days, Ramon Perez-Prieto, Grimaldo Del Solar, Rafael Morales, and Carlos Li Carrillo combined their predilection for dub and electronica with their knowledge of the golden era of Afro-Peruvian music and founded Novalima. Right out of the starting gate, their debut album went platinum in Peru. They have refined their sound with the help of music legends Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Lucila Campos, Lucha Reyes, and Zambo Cavero. With prominent local musicians, they have put together a high-caliber live band and presented their fourth album, Karimba (“branding iron”).

Novalima is following the concert by Mama Julia Y Los Sonidos Ambulantes (7 p.m.)