Presentation and Discussion

Anthony Iles

Imitation of Life? Vitalism, Exhaustion and Critique

Wed, Apr 24, 2013
7 pm
Free admission
Screenshot of the Film "Untitled" (2012) , © Downstairs Productions

How is art linked to science and scholarship? How are they distinct? In this series, fellows of the Graduiertenschule für die Künste und die Wissenschaften will invite guests to discuss their work and these issues. Depending on the participants involved, each evening will take on a different shape, with conversations, experimentation, interventions, music making, or speculation.

Anthony Iles, an author, critic, and fellow at the Graduiertenschule, explores with Benjamin Noys their shared interest in vitalism and its critique, in markets, entropy, exhaustion, and the end of probability. Other guests include filmmaker Ilya Lipkin and Joen Wedel, who will show two videos. The Delegates documents and interprets work processes at the conveyor belt of a rubber factory. Untitled looks at the gym as a place where sport and ideology meet.

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