2013, Wed, Mar 06

Amanda Beech

Final Machine

Speculative Thinking in Art, Literature and Philosophy

Speculative Thinking in Art, Literature and Philosophy

How is it possible to engage art as a site of realism free from our unswerving faith in established and well-known modes of critique? In her video work Final Machine Amanda Beech continues her examination into the nexus of art, politics and morality and interrogates the realist status of the image and the contract this holds with systems of power. Beech uses Louis Althusser’s lecture series "The Spontaneous Philosophy of the Scientist" (1968), to predicate a politics that is recalcitrant to ideological systems.

Moderation: Armen Avanessian (in English)

Amanda Beech makes artworks, writes and collaborates on curatorial projects. Her research looks on the possibilities of a realist critique in the context of neo-liberal democracy by examining the tenability of a politics in the context of contingency. She is a member of the steering committee for The Political Currency of Art Research Group and is Dean of Critical Studies at CalArts, California.