2013, Sat, Feb 23

Internalized Foreign Bodies

Nobukazu Takemura

Nobukazu Takemura | © wowe

Nobukazu Takemura | © wowe

As the sound designer of Sony’s robot dog AIBO, which stands for Artifical Intelligence roBOt, and is homophonic with the Japanese word aibo (pal), he developed the sound of artificial friendship, as it were.

The all-round artist Nobukazu Takemura (born in Tokyo in 1968) is a musician, painter, animator, and playwright. As a producer and DJ, Nobukazu has experience in such varied realms as drum n’ bass, house, jazz, chamber music, and experimental electronics, playing with Tortoise, Yamatsuka Eye, Bang on a Can, Steve Reich, and fashion designer Issey Miyake. His successful music project Child’s View is dedicated to the sensitivity of children.

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