2013, Sat, Feb 23

Horrific Impressions, Unfathomable Abysses, Devilish Cries: What Is the Music of Erich Zann?

Ebba Durstewitz

With his playing, the mute cellist from H. P. Lovecraft’s short story “The Musci of Erich Zann” opens the gates to a strange sphere filled with horrible sound: from its first publication in 1922 until today, this never heard music has inspired musicians, graphic designers, filmmakers, audio artists, heavy metal and ambient musicians.

The musician (JaKönigJa) and writer Ebba Durstewitz, who has been thinking about Erich Zann now for over three decades, links in her essayistic lecture the musical, literary, philosophical, psychopathological, human, and inhuman dimensions of the text.

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