2013, Fri, Feb 22


by Theater Zeebelt

Theater Zeebelt | Szene aus der Oper

Theater Zeebelt | Szene aus der Oper "u" | Photo: Guus Rijven

Composition: Eef van Breen
Libretto: Kees Ligtelijn and Marc Okrand
Artistic director: Floris Schönfeld
Production: Theater Zeebelt/ Den Haag

This music is out of this world, and for fans of Gene Roddenberry’s imagined Star Trek universe, a dream comes true. For the first time on earth, a complete Klingon opera can be heard. The art form highly treasured not only by Lieutenant Worf draws its aesthetic power from the violent clash of two powers. U tells the legend of the hero Kahless, the unforgettable, who, betrayed by his brother, is forced to go down into the underworld and to invent the close range conflict weapon Bat’leth to topple the tyrant Molo. Using original Klingon instruments and sung in Klingon, the production staged by Floris Schönfeld has already enjoyed four years of success among Trekkies and friends of experimental opera alike, realized in collaboration with the Klingon Terran Research Ensemble and composer Eef van Breen.

Dressed as a Klingon you get two tickets for the price of one.

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