“The Well-Programmed Composer: New Works by Bach, Mozart, Mahler”

Kammerensemble Neue Musik plays David Cope

Thu, Feb 21, 2013
9 pm
10 €, conc. 8 €
David Cope, © Promo

Can personal style be simulated by software? It was originally a creative block that triggered the idea of the programs created by composer and scholar David Cope: these programs can analyze musical oeuvres and are thus able to create new pieces in the style of the composer in question.

What Mozart once playfully alluded to—the aleatoric combinability of musical lines to form a piece no longer distinguishable from a musical work—seems fulfilled by the composition software “Emmy” (which stands for Experiments in Musical Intelligence.” It computed works in the style of Chopin, Mozart, or Bach that even impressed Douglas R. Hofstaeter (the author of Gödel, Escher, Bach). In the meantime, Cope has even created a new, autonomous composer personality, “Emily Howell.” Kammerensemble Neue Musik introduces the human touch to these works composed by a creative composing intelligence.

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