Lecture performance

The Berlin Sun Theater: A Reading

Michael Taussig

Fri, Jan 11, 2013
10 pm
Single ticket 5/3 €, day ticket 8/6 €, 3-day ticket 20/16 €

Lecture performance by Michael Taussig (Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, New York)

When we observe the sun rise and fall, modern science’s proof that the earth revolves around the sun doesn’t seem to match up or affect our bodily knowledge. In our bones, we know otherwise, as if today’s rising sun were the same as that of yesteryear. Drawing from his current research on the role of the sun within the cultural imagination, anthropologist Michael Taussig presents a work-in-progress version of his ongoing performance project “The Berlin Sun Theater: Mastery of Non-mastery.” A poetic, philosophical and physical engagement with the impossibility of truly grasping the Copernican Revolution, Taussig explores ways of being in the world that allow for wonder, confusion, intuition and daydreaming to contribute to knowledge-forming processes.

Michael Taussig (New York) teaches at cultural anthropology at Columbia University in New York. Subjects of his writing include violence, terror, the abolition of slavery, shamanism, mimesis and alterity, color, iconoclasm, Bataille, and Walter Benjamin’s grave.

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