FOR EUROPE – A Manifesto

Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Guy Verhofstadt. Book Presentation and Discussion with Ulrich Beck

Wed, Oct 3, 2012
6 pm
Admission free

In German and English language

Daniel Cohn-Bendit und Guy Verhofstadt, © Koen Broos

Is Europe in the process of collapsing or is the current crisis an opportunity to create a stronger and more democratic Europe? Two passionate Europeans, Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Guy Verhofstadt, speak out with their manifesto and against the general trend, demand a united and federal Europe.

For, they believe, only then can the individual European nation states stand a chance in the face of global competition. In conversation with Ulrich Beck, Cohn-Bendit and Verhofstadt discuss the prospects for European democracy and its citizens beyond the pervasive Euro-skepticism of the present.

To the biography of Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Guy Verhofstadt,

born in 1953, is a Belgian politician and Member of the European Parliament since 2009, where he leads the liberal group. Between 1999 and 2008 he served as Prime Minister of Belgium. He published a number of political books, including The United States of Europe (2006).

Ulrich Beck, born 1944, is professor emeritus of Sociology in Munich. He currently teaches at Harvard and the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is considered one of the leading sociologists focusing on globalization theory.

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