2012, Sat, Aug 11

Juan de Marcos & Afro Cuban All Stars

Big Band made up of only the Best >>>> Open Air! <<<<

Juan de Marcos | Foto &copy; Sarkis Boyadjian

Juan de Marcos | Foto © Sarkis Boyadjian

Without him, the legendary Buena Vista Social Club sessions would never have been possible: it was he who brought together the eminent greats of Cuban danzón music for recording sessions with Ry Cooder in the Panart studios.

But there’s more to Juan de Marcos than a life-long knowledge of Cuban music, he is also a gifted singer and "Tresero". The tres may look like a guitar but is actually a rhythm instrument. De Marco soaked up the tres at the “Rumbas de solar“, the all-night Rumba parties to which his father would take him. Later, he studied classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Music in Havana. He picked up tips from masters such as Vicente Gonzalez and Leopoldina Nunez. Since 1978, he has been leading bands on a mission to revive Cuban dance music, son and danzón. No wonder the the All Stars’ album, which was recorded parallel to Buena Vista Social Club, was nominated for a Grammy.

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