2012, Thu, Jun 14

Revue und Performances

Über Lebenskunst.Schule | Foto: Joachim Loch

Über Lebenskunst.Schule | Foto: Joachim Loch

13.30 h Everything here and now – a review of the projects

Two years of ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Schule – a phantasmagoria of artistic contributions, impressions and statements.

16 h Looking without intent

Performance | Elisabeth Gymnasium Eisenach
That growth does not necessarily lead to more satisfaction with life is becoming increasingly clear in rich, industrialized societies. The live performance by the high school students from Eisenach examines these automated “growth processes“.

17 h Faster, higher, better, more!?

Dance Performance | Robert-Bosch-Fachoberschule für Wirtschaft, München
It is still common to want to perform, experience, have or be more. Yet sometimes less is more. This dance exploration moves between speed and standstill, between attention and sensory overload.

in parallel: Exhibition of Works ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Schule