2012, Sat, May 05

Korean Cinema Today – A Conversation with the Past

by Lee Yongkwan

Lee Yongkwan | Photo: Busan International Film Festival

Lee Yongkwan | Photo: Busan International Film Festival

The lecture of the director of Busan International Film Festival will be about comparing the present and past of Korean cinema starting with the two versions of the film “Housemaid”, the version of 1960 and the remake 50 years later.

Both of old and new “Housemaid” were born at the height of Korean cinema. One was from heyday and another from “Renaissance.” Like “history repeats itself,” so called “heyday” and “renaissance” share many similarities while having distinguished differences in history and practice. It will be literally a conversation with the past to explain and understand better of Today's Korean Cinema. Lee Yongkwan outlines the uniquenessof Korean film industry and its practice of filmmaking.

Lee Youngkwan is the director of the Busan International Film Festival.

Lecture in Korean language with German translation.