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Miracle on Jongno Street (Jongno-ui Gijeok)

D: Lee Hyuksang

Miracle on Jongno Street (Jongno-ui Gijeok) | © Promo

Miracle on Jongno Street (Jongno-ui Gijeok) | © Promo

Documentary, Korea 2010, 119 min, English subtitles

Since the 1980s, the "Eden Quarter" of Seoul has developed into a space where Korean homosexuals can live without interference. This documentary – the first on the subject in Korea – follows four gay men through the district. The film was the official coming out of director Lee Hyuksang.

Mercenat Award for best documentary at the Busan International Film Festival 2010

German Premiere

Sun 6.5. in the presence of the director

Lee Hyuksang, born in 1974 in Seoul, has worked as a cameraman and video editor on numerous documentary films, most recently “The time of our lives“ (2009). He is an activist for the “Collective for Sexual Minority Cultures Pinks“. “Miracle on Jongno Street“ is his debut as a director.