2012, Fri, May 04 and 2012, Sun, May 13

The Journals of Musan (Musan Ilgi)

D: Park Jungbum

The Journals of Musan (Musan Ilgi) | © Promo

The Journals of Musan (Musan Ilgi) | © Promo

Feature film, Korea 2010, 127 min, English subtitles

His identification number begins with 125, which exposes Seungchul as a defector from the North – which usually leads to poverty and isolation in the South. Seung-chul, too, is surrounded by coldness and hard-heartedness. And so, the only way he can get a taste of happiness is by fraudulent means. ...

New Current Award and FIPRESCI Award at the Busan International Film Festival 2010, FIPRESCI Prize in Hong Kong 2011.

Fri 4.5. in the presence of the director. Presented by Kimiko Suda, Asian Film Festival Berlin

Park Jungbum was born in 1976 in Seoul. He studied at the Dongkook Film Academy. His short films “Templementary“ (2000) and “125 Jeon Seung-Chul“ (2008) received several awards. He was first director’s assistant for LEE Changdong’s film “Poetry“1. “Journals of Musan", in which he plays the lead role, is his first full-length feature film.