2012, Thu, May 03


Korean Cinema Today

Korean Cinema Today

In the presence of Lee Yongkwan, director of the Busan International Film Festival, the co-curator Hong Hyosook and film directors from Korea.

Lee Yongkwan is one of the key founding members of the Busan International Film Festival and he has been its Festival Director since 2011. He has been acclaimed for his achievements and efforts in the cultural development of Korean films. Lee Yong-kwan had published the quarterly film magazine „Film Language“ for 10 years. He is also the author of various books about film criticism, film theory and the international & local film industry.

Hong Hyosook The founder of the Woman Film Group worked as a representative of the Seoul Visual Collective and as a camerawoman on various documentary films. She was part of the Busan International Film Festival since 1997 and is currently programmer of the section “Wide Angle”. She is also director of the Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) and co-curator of the festival KOREAN CINEMA TODAY.

Opening film: Poetry (Shi)

After the screening party with DJ Hunee.