Towards Normalisation?

Auf dem Weg in die Normalität?

Sat, December 17, 2005
Admission: 8 €, concessions 5 €, for one film only: 5 €, concessions 3 €
Avishag Leibovitch, Diet Leibovitch, Copyright: Promo

Normality - understood with a big question mark - in a country with this history and this present. Four films show how everyday abnormality feels in the kitchen, at mealtimes, at parties - and in organising a boxing match.

19 h

Hummus for Two

Documentary by Eyal Halfon , Israel 1997, 30 min, English subtitles

Israelis and Palestine have only one thing in common: their love of hummus. This chickpea paste is the only popular “national” dish. There are endless disputes over who makes the best paste. The film sets out to find the perfect hummus - in both parts of Jerusalem.

What Do You Say

Feature film by Eytan Tzur, Israel 2005, 50 min, English subtitles

May 1999, Tammi hasn’t quite been herself lately. Not even Ehud Barak’s election victory can raise her spirits. But her husband is determined to celebrate now that Israel is in the “right hands” again. At the party, it all comes out. In a single act of desperation and liberation, she destroys the illusion their her life is perfect, that her dreams will soon be fulfilled and that a trip to Damascus will make her happy.

21 h

Diet Leibovitch

Documentary by Avishag Leibovitch , Israel 2005, 16 min, English subtitles

Whether Weight Watchers, cabbage or a water-only diet, the Leibovitchs have tried everything - and still have full stomachs. The hilarious daily life of a lovable fat family as it puts on weight in its fight to beat Israeli stress.

Raging Dove

Documentary by Duki Dror , Israel 2002, 66 min, English subtitles

If it hadn’t been for the blunder with the flags, Johar Abu Lashin could have become the world’s greatest boxer. But being of Palestinian-Israeli descent and born in Nazareth. he is a walking contradiction. When he wins his first world championship title, he waves an Israeli flag, turning the Arab world against him. Five years later, he waves a Palestinian flag and suddenly has all the Israelis up in arms against him. He retires to the USA and breeds horses. But when the dream of peace touches the Middle East, he plans a dramatic comeback.