Curator's Selection

Adam Zuabi und Baher Agbaria, Jericho

Wed, Dec 14, 2005
7 pm
Admission: 5 €, concessions 3 €

In the presence of Adam Zuabi and Baher Agbaria

Larissa Sansour, Bethlehem Bandolero, Copyright: Promo

Adam Zuabi and Baher Agbaria have been directing the Ramallah International Film Festival since 2004. It is the only international Palestinian film festival - and the only festival in the world to have changed locations. As it is extremely difficult for Palestinians to cross the large number of Israeli checkpoints between Gaza and the West Bank, the festival is moving to Jericho this year to reach as many people as possible.

Sous mon lit

Feature film by Jihane Chouaib, France 2004, 44 min, English subtitles

Mira, disobeying her parents, stays home alone for the first time during school break … She thinks herself strong and self-reliant, but will be prooved wrong when fear comes upon her. The moments passed with her only friend Mathieu stirs up her confusion. Gradualy, fear permeates everything. A shadow hunts her, a shadow feeding on her refusal to grow up and become a woman.

Bethlehem Bandolero

Video by Larissa Sansour, Palestine 2004, 5.39 min

The Palestinian artist returns home after many years in exile only to find her hometown, Bethlehem, divided by the Israeli wall. She confronts the wall in an absurd and bizarre duel.


Video by Larissa Sansour, Palestine 2005, 5 min

A group of peace activists find themselves confronted with an Israeli tank: the symbol per se of the occupying power.

Hamoudi & Emil

Short film by Mahdi Fleifel, Great Britain/Denmark 2004, 23 min., English subtitles

The 12-year-old friends Hamoudi and Emil want to win a girl’s heart. But how shall they go about doing so? And what about her husband? Hamoudi’s grandfather introduces them to the power of prayer...

Shadi in the Beautiful Well

Short film by Mahdi Fleifel Wales/Denmark/Lebanon 2003, 10.35 min., English subtitles

Shadi, who is autistic, lives in a Palestinian refugee camp where he suffers from being tormented by the other children. When he receives a parcel from a relative abroad, everything changes...