Twin Peaks

Zwei Seiten der Medaillen

Sat, December 10, 2005
Admission: 8 €, concessions 5 €, for one film only: 5 €, concessions 3 €
Doron Solomons, Brothers in Arms, Copyright: Promo

The controversy over the suicide bombers - their motivation, the victims and the witnesses - itself carries immense risks, and has recently provoked fierce discussions in Israel as well as in other countries around the world. Three films examine the relationships and identities of those involved and those affected. With a discussion between the Israeli journalists Amira Hass and Igal Avidan, as well as Kifah Marsawi, cultural manager and journalist, Berlin und Baka el-Garbia. Moderation: Clemens Wergin, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin.


Brothers in Arms (not a political film)

Video by Doron Solomons , Israel 2004, 16 min, English subtitles

An artistically presented compilation of documentary recordings, shots with puppets and virtual computer worlds. The film presents the relationship between Palestinians and Israelis as the tragicomic story of Siamese twins who cannot survive without one another.

No. 17

Documentary by David Ofek , Israel 2003, 76 min, English subtitles

In June 2002, a public service bus explodes on the way from Tel Aviv to Tiberias. All but one of the seventeen dead victims can be identified. The police suspect that he is a 'guest worker' and drop their investigations. David Ofek, however, begins to search for "No. 17". A film journey through the lowest classes in Israeli society.


Paradise Now

Feature film by Hany Abu-Assad , the Netherlands/France/Deutschland 2005, 90 min, English subtitles

Khaled and Said, good friends since their childhood, have been chosen as suicide bombers and are expected to blow themselves up in Tel Aviv. After spending the last night with their families, they are taken to the border as human bombs. However, the operation does not run as planned: separated from one another and left completely to their own devices, they have to face their fate, answer questions and reconsider their convictions.

Audience Award at the Berlin Film Festival 2005, nominated for the Golden GLobe 2006